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Port Isaac, England 

Woah. Just woah. Have you ever seen such an amazing view? I wanna go here. I WILL go here someday.
 Grabe lang! Ang gandaaaaa~ @_@
Imagine yourself lying down on those grasslands and just looking, staring at the blue, eminent sky. Feeling it taking over your being and just let the wind take your thoughts away. Feeling so light you think just a little gust of air can get you floating to the other surrealistic places in this beautiful planet.
I long for that. Grabe lang. I’m gonna go here someday…. T___T

Egypt luxor hot air balloon (by DaDimple)
Shot somewhere between Tabanan and Bedugal on a day trip from Seminyak in Bali.

Sete Cidades, Azores | Portugal (by Joe Taruga | via t0rpe)

Banaue rice terrasses, Unesco world heritage by Raphael Bick on Flickr.

Terrace Reflections by dvlazar on Flickr.

Bali Rice Fields Postcards (by crayolamom)

Valle de Jiboa  - El Salvador - fotografía: Moris Beltrán

South of Quito, Ecuador  ( By Splat Worldwide )

Quilotoa, Ecuador
Curious Guanacos - Ecuador
Guanacos on the slopes of Volcan Chimborazo, Ecuador. >
photo by  
La Aventura Panamericana 
   ( )
the beauty of the Amazone in Ecuador  >
photo by Raymond Bilsen
Cotopaxi, Ecuador  >
photo by  Dorothea P.  ( )
dreamland - Cayambe - Ecuador    >
photo by  Thomas-Walter Rieger (  )
Chimborazo - ecuador  >
photo by  
Jürgen Kühnel ( )