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run !            Ethiopia >
photo by Henri Fuchs
out  of the dust : This Dassanech-woman has just returned from the well to the village >
photo by hartmut asman

Stunning Ethiopia, one of the five countries that The Batonga Foundation works in.

Ethiopia: The falls of the Blue Nile.
Roof of Ethiopia  - Simien national park >
photo by pbOOg
Dusty Ethiopian roads >
photo by Johan Gerrits
photo by mychaosland
on a recumbent bicycle   and enjoy the real Dutch landscape  - Netherlands - Holanda  >
photo by Guy

En route to Massawa, Eritrea
Photo by Carsten ten Brink

View over Keren from the fort (by 10b travelling)
Keren, Eritrea

Horses graze on a spectacular Buttercup meadow at Goodworth Clatford in Hampshire
(by Anguskirk)
Goodworth Clatford, England

   Rattle Hill, Herefordshire Look at those teensy-tinsy cows! They are so small. They are cowlets. Anyhoo, the rape seed oil at the top actually is that yellow. I always thought it was photoshopped until I saw it for myself. If you are trying to keep them straight, Herefordshire= a rural county that borders on Wales, famous for its orchards and that cider; Hertfordshire= a home county that is bordered by Greater London. (Dimmilan flickr)

Ibthorpe village in Hampshire (by Anguskirk)
Ibthorpe, England

   One of the best walks in the Derbyshire Peak District of England is Jacob’s Ladder; an old pack horse route with a short steep climb leading to a magnificent view of the vale (valley) of Edale. It is bounded to the north by Kinder Scout, a plateau described as being ‘full of strange stones and goughs’
  I looked up gough, and discovered it is a channel or fissure in a peat moor; also known as a peat hag, which sounds like a Magical Creature to me. Perhaps the Peat Hags collect the strange stones and build oddly-shaped houses with them which you cannot see because you are a Muggle. Anyway, it is always lovely to learn a new word. (Steve Ruffles flickr)

Green hills  - England
landscape in england