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A young Myanmar woman, wearing a colourful outfit, walks across a bridge at a park in Yangon on October 3, 2010. Myanmar’s younger generation, especially urbanised young women, are increasingly shunning the national garb and embracing unconventional alternatives as they brush aside concerns about morals and modesty.
noon and her son chai - so beautiful! 20. november,  river kwai mon-village 
herbstzeitlosereise:  the mon tribe from burma
Myanmar long neck woman

The Long-Necked Karen
In many tribes of Karen people, in Burma and northern Thailand, long necks are seen as beautiful. The women wear rings around their neck from childhood, gradually adding more rings as they grow older. Adult women may have as many as 30 rings around their necks. Traditionally, Karen married women wear black and red, while unmarried girls wear white. Some groups of Karen also wear ivory tusks through their ears, which are inserted in childhood and are gradually replaced with large earrings as the earlobes elongate until they are finally about 4cm. Some groups of Karen do not traditionally wear the distinctive rings around their necks. Karen are generally matrilineal societies, so two adult women (eg. a mother and married daughter) will not live in the same house together. In some groups only certain people can wear the rings, for example, a girl born on a full moon on a Wednesday, who is highly valued.

smoking cheroot - Mandalay > Myanmar
routemarkr:  Myanmar Kengtung D3x_1097 (by youngrobv (Rob&Ale))
A ‘whackin’ white cheroot’, still smoked in Myanmar
Myanmar, Inle Lake:  smoking old man 
pipe smoking burmese woman            Myanmar
Burmese woman smoking pipe
缅甸   ミャンマー  Мьянмы  מיאנמר    म्यांमार   Mianmar  myanmar
A Pa-O woman smoking green cheroot
Mindat chin state in Myanmar

Many faces of burma. She is an elderly women of the many tribal ethic groups. > thasung:
Myanmar , smile from a Karen girl - Burma 
ミャンマー   미얀마    缅甸   म्यांमार    მიანმარის    Мьянмы     Мианмар  Μιανμάρ  میانمار
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