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lake of Ounianga Kebir - Chad
men in turbans - Chad
Guelta d’Archei - Chad 
photo by Dario Menasce
camel paradise in Chad
tevék   úlfalda  unta  ラクダ  גמלים  낙타  ಒಂಟೆಗಳು
photo by Fouderg
Guelta d’Achei - Chad , camel paradise 
একপাল    骆驼   Kamele  καμήλες  ઊંટ   chamo  ऊंट
photo by Dario Menasce
thirsty camels in Guelta d’Archei - Chad
Camels in the Guelta d’Archei, an ancient pool of water featuring a rare breed of Nile crocodiles. The place can only be reached with a four days trip on a jeep and a farther trek of over 4 hours.
photo by Dario Menasce

Chameaux dans le guelta d’Archeï au Tchad - netwizz
Labyrinthe de Kéchéli, Ennedi , Chad
photo by Fouderg
Arc de triomphe - Chad
photo by Fouderg

Rocher du chameau - Camel rock - Chad


“Camel Rock”
Near Faya Largeau in Northern Chad
Photo by Lolodoc
Crossing the river Chari from Tchad to Cameroun
photo by Pieter Verhaeghe
a green village - Tchad  - צ’אד  - チャド  -  차드  -  Ciad  -  Čad
another village - Chad - Tsjad - মত্স্যবিশেষ  - چاڈ  - ಚಾಡ್  - சாட் - cá hồng
village in Chad - Чад
This strange hut is actually a silos for dates. Palm trees in the background produce abundant amounts of dates which need to be dried before transport and selling: the silos is built in such a way that hot, dry desert air can flow from it’s base (elevated with respect to the sand) up to the fruits which fill the starnge container. This place is a oasis in the middle of the Tibesti range, in northern Chad.
photo by Dario Menasce